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Australian recommendations for the management of hepatocellular carcinoma: a consensus statement

15 December 2020

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RACS and GESA sign Memorandum of Understanding to enhance colonoscopy services

23 November 2020

The Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) are delighted to announce they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in relation to RACS’ involvement in the GESA Recertification in Colonoscopy Program (RCP).

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Gastroenterology news from The Limbic

17 November 2020

Read the latest gastroenterology news from The Limbic.

QIMR Berghofer scientist Professor Grant Ramm recognised for his work on liver disease

17 November 2020

The head of QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute’s Cell and Molecular Biology Department, Professor Grant Ramm, has been awarded the Gastroenterological Society of Australia’s (GESA) Distinguished Research Prize for 2020.

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World Hepatitis Day - Let's Talk Hep C!

07 September 2020

World Hepatitis Day, observed on July 28 every year, aims to raise global awareness of hepatitis - a group of infectious diseases known as Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E - and encourage prevention, diagnosis and treatment. In 2020 World Hep Day was supported by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia with the presentation of an informative and interactive webinar that provided perspectives from leading physicians and community members and a Q&A session.

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Australia's first public stool bank is paying people to donate their poo for faecal transplants

10 March 2020

BiomeBank is funded by the Hospital Research Foundation and processes and stores healthy stool so it can be distributed to hospitals around the country and overseas. The stool is used for patients requiring faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), a breakthrough treatment with a 90 per cent cure rate of chronic bowel disorders.

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Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease burden: Australia, 2019 – 2030

27 February 2020

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is recognized as a cause of advanced liver disease globally and particularly in Australia where the increasing burden of metabolic syndrome is reflected in national survey data.

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If you don’t have coeliac disease, avoiding gluten isn’t healthy

08 January 2018

Coeliac disease, an allergy to gluten that causes damage to the intestine, affects 1% of Australians. But more than ten times this number, or around 11% of the population, follows a gluten-free diet by choice, and up to 30% of people in the United States try to reduce their gluten intake.

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Four out of ten men who die of cancer could have avoided it

12 December 2017

Heartbreaking is the only way to describe the surprising news that four out of every ten Australian men who now die of cancer could potentially have avoided it.

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Liver cancer treatment requires team effort

30 November 2017

The Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) is urging the Federal Government to prioritise liver cancer including through the funding of checkpoint inhibitors.

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Specialists urge action on treatments for liver cancer

29 November 2017

The Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) has urged government to prioritise liver cancer, including the funding of new immunotherapies

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GPs underestimating impact of NAFLD

15 November 2017

The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has increased and easier, non-invasive ways of assessing the disease have become available in recent years but there is still a concerning under-recognition of the disease.

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Time to drop the kind of, sort of, maybe from IBS

05 October 2017

Clinicians including specialists and GPs need to check their language and behaviour around a diagnosis of IBS.

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Myth-busting important for women with IBD

04 October 2017

Myths abound for women with IBD who want to start a family so it is important for gastroenterologists to be proactive and start discussions with their patients early, an expert advises.

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Fighting the good fight against bowel cancer

21 September 2017

Gastroenterologist Dr Cameron Bell has been recognised for his contributions to the profession and to GESA with the Society’s 2017 Distinguished Service Award, presented at Australian Gastroenterology Week.

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FMT non-responders might be C. diff pretenders

05 September 2017

A proportion of non-responders to faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) for recurrent C. difficile infection probably have a post-infectious IBS rather than the intestinal infection.

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Twenty new colonoscopy items to be added to MBS

04 September 2017

Twenty new colonoscopy items will soon be added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule, to replace two “outdated” codes.

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Upping the ante against infection risk in endoscopy

22 August 2017

A consensus statement from GESA, Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia (GENCA), Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC) and Australasian Society for Infectious Disease (ASID) recommends all endoscopic equipment is stored in TGA-approved forced-air drying cabinets.

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Funding for IBD nurses a “major priority”

21 August 2017

Delegates who attended an AGW 17 session on the recently released IBD Audit were treated to a guest speaker not usually seen at an annual clinical conference – a patient.

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Outstanding clinician award recipient says variety is key

20 August 2017

A balanced career incorporating clinical work, teaching and research has earned Sydney gastroenterologist Professor Michael Grimm the GESA 2017 Outstanding Clinician Award.

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NLRP3 inflammasome blockade reduces liver inflammation and fibrosis in experimental NASH in mice

27 May 2017

NOD-like receptor protein 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome activation occurs in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

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Whole-genome landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours

05 March 2017

The diagnosis of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (PanNETs) is increasing owing to more sensitive detection methods, and this increase is creating challenges for clinical management.

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Iron and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

28 September 2016

The mechanisms that promote liver injury in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are yet to be thoroughly elucidated.

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GESA ALA Hepatitis C Media Release

29 February 2016

Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection affects 230,000 people in Australia, who are at risk of progressive liver fibrosis leading to cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatocellular carcinoma. The burden of liver disease due to HCV is projected to triple by 2030.

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GESA ALA Hepatitis C Media Release

09 February 2016

The peak Australian body for the treatment of liver diseases – the Gastroenterological Society of Australia Australian Liver Association (GESA ALA) – reaffirms its ongoing collaboration with general practitioners in the treatment of hepatitis C.

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