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April 2020

Media Release from GESA CEO, Fiona K. Bailey:Six-month suspension of the GESA Colonoscopy Recertification Program during the COVID-19 pandemic


January 2018

Susan Mahady on gluten-free diet: "The Conversation: If you don't have coeliac disease, avoiding guten isn't healthy."


December 2017

Financial Review: "Four out of ten men who die of cancer could have avoided it"

Darrell Crawford interview - The Limbic "Liver cancer treatment requires team effort"


November 2017

Liz Powell interview - The Limbic "GPs underestimating NAFLD and why gastroenterologists need to help"

Medical Board of Australia announces plans for enhanced CPD

Pharma Dispatch "Specialists urge action on treatments for liver cancer"


October 2017

Jane Andrews interview - The Limbic: "Time to drop the kind of, sort of, maybe from IBS"

Jane Andrews ABC News Podcast - Finding a better way to deal with irritable bowel syndrome

Sally Bell interview - The Limbic: "Myth-busting important for women with IBD"


September 2017

Narci Teoh interview - The Limbic: "New GESA president ready to give back"

Narci Teoh interview - The Limbic: "Twenty new colonoscopy items to be added to MBS"

Ian Norton interview and Cameron Bell GESA Award - The Limbic: "‘Fighting the good fight’ against bowel cancer"

Jane Andrews interview - The Limbic: "FMT non-responders might be C. diff pretenders"


August 2017

Gregory Moore at AGW 2017 - The Limbic: "Funding for IBD nurses a 'major priority'"

Michael Grimm GESA Award - The Limbic: "Outstanding clinician award recipient says variety is key"

Ian Norton interview - The Limbic: "Call to register for colonoscopy recertification"

Benedic Devereaux interview - The Limbic: "Upping the ante against infection risk in endoscopy"


February 2017

Vanessa Pattullo and Simone Strasser:

Managing the rising burden of chronic liver disease: chronic hepatitis B and CMedicine Today 2017; 18(3): 34-42.

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