Surgical Risk in Patients with Cirrhosis

Bowel cancer - clinical updatePatients with liver disease who require surgery are at greater risk for surgical- and anesthesia-related complications than those with a healthy liver. The magnitude of the risk depends upon the type of liver disease and its severity, the surgical procedure and the type of anesthesia.

This first edition (2012) alerts health professionals to information and guidelines requested by the coroner on the assessment and management of cirrhotic patients undergoing surgery.

It is not intended to be an authorative statement of every conceivable step or circumstance which may or could relate to the management of surgical risk in patients with liver disease.

Specific recommendations are based on relevant published information and will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. 

This Consensus Statement and GESA response to the coroner was compiled and written by Amanda Nicoll and Amany Zekry on behalf of the Australian Liver Association and was sponsored by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia.


Clinical Update

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