Endoscopy - Standards for Endoscopic Facilities and Services (2011)

Endoscopy standards - clinical updateThe aim of an endoscopy facility is to provide a range of safe, high quality endoscopic services.

The standards outlined in the third edition (2006, reprinted 2011) represent the professional organisations' views on what constitutes the minimum necessary facilities, equipment and staffing to deliver safe and effective endoscopy. The training and qualification of endoscopists and nursing staff, the endoscopic equipment and accessories, the reprocessing of endoscopes, monitoring and resuscitation equipment must all be of the standard specified in this document wherever endoscopy is performed.

Specific recommendations are based on relevant published information and will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

This standard has been prepared by a combined committee of the Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia (GENCA) and the Gastroenterological Society of Australia's Australian Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Association (AGEA). It was prepared and edited by Katie Ellard, Dianne Jones, Bronwyn King, Rod Roberts and Mark Schoeman.


Clinical Update

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