Endoscopy - Microbiological Testing Guidelines (2008)

Endoscopy-Microbiological Testing - clinical updateMicrobiological surveillance of endoscopes and automated flexible endoscope reprocessors (AFERs) has proven to be one of the most difficult and controversial areas of infection control in endoscopy.

This edition (2008) alerts health professionals to recent information published on microbiological testing of gastrointestinal and respiratory endoscopes and automated flexible endoscope reprocessors.

It is intended to be used as a guide only and not as an authorative statement of every conceivable step or circumstance which may or could relate to microbiological testing.

Specific recommendations are based on relevant published information and will be updated periodically as new information becomes available.

This review was produced by a multi-disciplinary committee and the Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia (GENCA). A full list of working party members is listed in the document. It was sponsored by the Gastroenterological Society of Australia.


Clinical Update

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