2020 GESA Research Grants

2021 GESA Fellowships

2020 GESA-funded Research Grants & Fellowships

2020 GESA Project Grants

The purpose of the 2020 GESA Project Grants is to provide funding to investigators in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology to undertake research that may lead to future grants. The Project Grants may be used for a pilot or larger study or the secondary analysis of existing data. The grant funds are intended primarily to support reagent or equipment costs but salaries may be included if appropriate and necessary to complete the project. Applications for a grant may be lodged via the GESA Grants website at


2020 Externally-funded Research Grants & Fellowships

2020 GESA-Ferring IBD Clinical Excellence Grants

The purpose of the grant is to provide funding to an individual who is at an early- to mid-stage in their gastroenterology career and who has developed special skills in IBD clinical management to encourage clinical excellence in IBD clinical practice within their sponsoring institution and, subsequently, in Australia. It is anticipated that the funds will be used to ensure the clinician provides improvements in a specific IBD service, by way of a clinical or research project, within a hospital that provides salary support and infrastructure to achieve that goal. Applications for the grant may be lodged via the GESA Grants website at

APAGE/JGH Foundation Clinician-Scientist Training Fellowship 2020

The APAGE is providing a Clinician-Scientist Training Fellowship for a twelve-month period for a final-year trainee or a recent trainee in gastroenterology or hepatology from one member country, to be taken in any other APAGE member country. The stipend is US$40,000 to be paid to the applicant and a stipend of US$10,000 to be paid to the host institution as a token of support to the training expenses incurred by the applicant during the fellowship term. This fellowship is jointly funded by the APAGE and the JGH Foundation. Information about the purpose and terms and conditions of the fellowship and the three application forms may be downloaded from the APAGE website at


All applications for GESA research grants must be lodged via the online application system.

The GESA Grants Management System allows researchers to apply for GESA research funding online. Once you register for a Researcher account you can maintain a personal profile and curriculum vitae which can be used for each of your future funding applications. You can also submit invoices and lodge research progress reports and other deliverables online via your Researcher account.

The GESA Research & Grants Committee awards a number of grants, scholarships, fellowships and prizes to support the research career development of clinicians and scientists in gastroenterology and hepatology.

You must have been a financial member of GESA for at least the last twelve months to be eligible to receive any GESA funding.

If your membership has lapsed due to a stay overseas it should be renewed within six months of you returning to Australia.

To stimulate clinical, basic and translational research in Australia GESA has made a significant financial investment to build a research fund to provide grants to allow members to undertake full time research in both basic and clinical gastroenterological research. GESA is committed to continue to grow this research fund to provide ongoing support to researchers in the future.

GESA's policy is that institutional overheads (indirect costs) are not covered in the grant budget. We recommend separate arrangements are made in relation to these costs.

Please continue to check the website regularly for the announcement of new grants.



General Grant Information

All applications for grants must be submitted by the due date. Prospective candidates need to read the GESA Research Grants Information for general grant conditions and information. Click each grant name for application instructions and for the specific requirements of that grant.


Acknowledgement of Supporters

Many of the grants have been made available through the generosity of corporate and not-for-profit supporters. The sponsoring of gastroenterological research is one of the premier ways industry and government can commit to the future of quality gastroenterology in Australia. GESA wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the following organisations:


Allergan FerringOlympusTakeda


Sponsors have no involvement in the selection of the applicants or assessment of submissions for any of the grants for which they provide financial support.


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