GESA ClinTrial Refer App

The opportunity to participate in a clinical trial provides Australian patients with access to innovative and world class treatments and care years before such treatments are available through usual channels. Clinical trials offer the potential for significant benefit to participants and the attentive care and close monitoring by the clinical trial team provides many patients with a very positive experience through their disease journey.

Clinical trials are often only available at limited study sites. The GESA ClinTrial Refer App aims to broaden the availability of clinical trials to the general Australian population regardless of where they live. It provides up-to-date information to referring doctors and patients about clinical trials that are recruiting in specific GI and Liver diseases, details regarding the study design, inclusion and exclusion criteria, participating sites and who to contact. The GESA ClinTrial Refer App will facilitate access to world-leading treatments for Australian patients with GI and liver diseases.

List Your Trials

If you would like your trials listed in the GESA ClinTrial Ref app or to make any changes to listed trials please send the details to GESA at

Download the app to your mobile device

To download the app visit Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple) on your mobile device and search for "clintrial refer".