Positions Vacant - Terms and Conditions

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Positions in gastroenterology and hepatology are the only advertisements accepted. An advertisement may be listed on the GESA website for a minimum of thirty days and a maximum of ninety days.

Full payment is required prior to the advertisement being listed on the GESA website. Register and pay here.

After registering for an advertiser's account and paying for your advertisement please e-mail your payment receipt and advertisement content to the GESA office for consideration.

The copy should be in an MS Word document and any proposed images should be attached separately as a JPEG, GIF or BMP file.

There is a limit of 250 words on advertisement content.

The content management system (CMS) for our website imposes some limitations on the size and type of images that may be included in any advertisement and we may not always be able to include all or any of the images you want.

All advertisements must be approved by the GESA CEO prior to acceptance.

The advertisement must include the name, phone number and e-mail address of the person who will be responsible for accepting applications and for replying to inquiries regarding the advertised job vacancy.

All content must be true and accurate. GESA accepts no responsibility for the content. 



GESA members - no charge


  Employing Institutions
e.g. Hospitals etc
e.g. Recruitment Agencies etc
Thirty days $310 plus GST $515 plus GST
Sixty days $465 plus GST $770 plus GST
Ninety days $620 plus GST $1,030 plus GST


Register for an advertiser's account.