Grants, Awards and Fellowships

The  GESA Research & Grants Committee awards a number of grants, scholarships, fellowships, and prizes to support research and also the career development of clinicians and scientists in gastroenterology and hepatology. 

To stimulate clinical, basic, and translational research in Australia GESA has made a significant financial investment to build a research fund to provide grants to allow members to undertake full time research in both basic and clinical gastroenterological research. GESA is committed to continue to grow this research fund to provide ongoing support to researchers in the future. 

Sponsors are not involved in the selection of the applicants or assessment of submissions for any of the grants for which they provide financial support.

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Grants & Fellowships 


Please check our website regularly for new opportunities and review GESA communications


Please contact GESA CEO  on  1300 766 176 and to discuss your interest  

Go to the GESA Grants Management System.