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The gastrointestinal (GI) system is imperative for our well being and our life-long health. A poorly functioning GI tract can be the source of many chronic health problems that can interfere with your quality of life.

GESA aims to foster better health for all Australians by providing accurate and up-to-date health information to patients and the community relating to gastroenterology and liver disease. GESA proactively promotes education and community health programs relating to gastroenterological medicine while representing more than 1,000 digestive and liver health specialists.

To support you GESA has developed a range of relevant information on gastrointestinal and liver conditions, digestive health, disease prevention, nutrition and what to expect when undergoing specific medical procedures.Information provided on this website is for general information only and not intended as medical advice. GESA encourages all readers to seek independent medical advice before making any decisions based on the information here.