National Endoscopy Training Initiative (NETI)

To enhance the quality and safety of colonoscopy and coordinate colonoscopy training in Australia, the Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA) and the Australian Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Association (AGEA) established the National Endoscopy Training Initiative (NETI).


Achieving World's Best Practice in Colonoscopy Training 

NETI has established a comprehensive series of national, formalised and standardised colonoscopy workshops conducted by experienced and higly-qualified supervisors. Exacting standards have been set for individual endoscopists and for the conduct of quality training in endoscopy. Aimed at physician and surgeon trainees and endoscopists, NETI provides Australia-wide support for the endoscopy workforce to ensure they have the skills, resources and motivation necessary to deliver effective, high-quality, patient-centred care in a timely manner.

2020 NETI Program has been suspended due to the COVID 19 situation




City / Venue  

Capsule Endoscopy Workshop

In this workshop, participants will understand the indications for and practice of capsule endoscopy including equipment, software and reading. They will recognise normal and abnormal findings including a range of pathology and be able to provide an accurate report including advice on appropriate further investigation and management.    

Practical Quality Colonoscopy Skills Workshop (PQCSW)

This course, delivered by a seasoned group of the country’s leading colonoscopists, aims to lift the quality of delegates’ procedural practice by filling in any gaps in knowledge. Talks are short and pithy and to the point no waffle.

The day long course includes routine colonoscopies performed by experts with explanation of high-quality insertion and withdrawal technique, as well as basic polypectomy principles. Interaction is actively encouraged and no question is too simple to put to the faculty.

Who Should Attend:  
This workshop has been specifically designed for anyone on the colonoscopy experience, from trainees with more than 100 colonoscopies under their belt to consultant surgeons.


Gut School

All trainees who have been offered an Advanced Gastroenterologist Training position in 2020 are encouraged to attend GESA Gut School 2020. 

Trainees who have already attended Gut School are excluded from registering to attend GESA Gut School 2020.


Train the Colonoscopist Trainer (TCT)

In this workshop, participants will acquire targeted endoscopy room teaching skills, gain exposure to adult educational concepts that will equip you to become a better trainer and develop critical reflection skills with regard to teaching and clinical practice and discuss assessment, measurement and development tools in colonoscopy.

The Train the Trainer Workshop is specifically designed for supervisors who are actively engaged in the training of colonoscopy.



For all enquiries regarding the NETI  workshop program 

Please contact Loretta York at GESA