GESA Colonoscopy Recertification Program suspended

2 April 2020



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In light of the disruptive times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the GESA Board and the Colonoscopy Recertification Committee is suspending the Colonoscopy Recertification Program until at least 30 September 2020.

The purpose of this suspension is to relieve some of the significant pressure being put upon medical practitioners, and in anticipation of the decreased number of colonoscopy procedures performed during the next six months making it more difficult for practitioners to meet the program criteria.

Practitioners who are currently recertified will have their recertification anniversary deferred by six months. The deferral will be applied by the end of April.

Practitioners who have a recertification application in process may not receive a recertification result until sometime after October when the Committee functions are currently anticipated to resume. On request a letter will be provided (via email) indicating that an application that complies with the program criteria has been received but not reviewed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Practitioners who are currently seeking to submit a completed logbook for assessment and recertification should continue to enrol in the program, log procedures and submit any completed logbooks. However they should be aware that it is unlikely any application will be assessed until after 30 September as it is expected that there will be a backlog of submissions for the Committee to assess. As mentioned above if an application is submitted prior to 30 September an acknowledgement email will be provided indicating that an application that complies with the program criteria has been received but not reviewed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hospital administrators and credentialing staff should be aware that the current situation provides challenges for colonoscopists as few non-critical procedures are likely to be performed during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also anticipated to have an impact on many practitioners even after the pandemic phase has passed. In reviewing the Recertification status of colonoscopists please note:

  • A list of colonoscopists who are currently recertified is available at
  • During the period of suspension of the program, a practitioner can request written confirmation of their submitted application
  • Practitioners who have not yet applied for Recertification can show their active involvement in the Recertification Program by providing a “screenshot” of their logbook dashboard page.

The situation will be reviewed as the pandemic continues. We wish you the best in these challenging times.

For any questions please contact the GESA Credentialing Team at or +61 3 9001 0279.


Simone Strasser   Mark Schoeman   Fiona Bailey
GESA President   GESA Recertification Committee Chair   GESA CEO