Professional Affairs

GESA’s active advocacy program represents the voice of members on the legitimate needs of the public to a range of stakeholders at multiple levels at both federal and where appropriate state levels.  Activity includes provision and representation of fact based advice to support policy settings, research support, and what procedures, treatments and drugs should be available for clinical use.  In addition to formal submissions, GESA and its member representatives (See GESA  Representatives Page) are actively involved in many committees and less formal discussions and support for decision makers.

Members are encouraged to contact GESA to advise of any matters of concern.

GESA has recently formally campaigned on:

  • Medicare Benefits Scheme Colonoscopy Item Numbers

  • Department of Health's 5 year data on the actual use of MRI in small bowel in patients with complex or fistulising Crohn's disease

  • MBS item numbers regarding Specialists’ Consultations

  • The long-term access to Medicare funded telehealth consultation