Young Investigator Award Recipients

The Young Investigator Awards are designed to acknowledge and recognise outstanding performance and leadership potential by Early Career researchers.

The aim of the Awards is to recognise those researchers who are establishing independent research careers.

The Awards are made in recognition of the most meritorious research contribution to the scientific program by a Young Investigator in Basic and Clinical Research.

The winner of the clinical research YIA receives the Douglas Piper Award and the winner of the basic science research YIA receives the June Halliday Award.

Each year the YIAs are presented at Australian Gastroenterology Week.


Previous Winners


Year Researcher Location Category
2019 Keval Pandya NSW Clinical
2019 Dandan Tian NSW Science
2018 Judith Moore Vic Clinical
2018 Lakmie Gunarathne Vic Science
2017 Stephen Bloom Vic Clinical
2017 Tony Pang NSW Science
2016 Michael Wong NSW Clinical
2016 Sudarshan Paramsothy NSW Science
2015 Dep Kim Huynh SA Clinical
2015 Winnie Fernando QLD Science
2014 Thai Hong Vic Clinical
2014 Chris Leung Vic Science
2013 Peter De Cruz Vic Clinical
2013 George Sharbeen NSW Science
2012 Emma Halmos Vic Clinical
2012 Sarah Walker ACT Science
2011 Daniel van Langenberg  Vic Clinical
2011 Candice Grzelak NSW Science
2010 Ses Salmond  NSW Clinical
2010 Derrick van Rooyen ACT Science
2009 Jessica Biesiekierski  Vic Clinical
2009 Virginia Knight Vic Science
2008 Jarred Wilson  Vic Clinical
2008 Sarah Richardson NSW Science
2007 Jacqueline Barrett  Vic Clinical
2007 John Lubel Vic Science
2006 Sue Shepherd Vic Clinical
2006 Mark Lust Vic Science
2005 Phil Dinning  NSW Clinical
2005 Gregory Moore Vic Science
2004 John Perry  NSW Clinical
2004 Richard Ruddell QLD Science
Year Researcher Location
2003 Jason Hui  NSW
2002 Narci Teoh NSW
2001 Vicki Whitehall QLD
2000 Isabel Leclerq NSW
1999 Ashley Miller Vic
1998 Anthony Donahy  NSW
1998 Bao-Hong Zhang NSW
1997 Miriam Levy NSW
1996 Dev Samarasinghe NSW
1995 Corrina-Britta Steeb SA
1994 Hooi Ee  Vic
1993 Michael Grimm ACT
1992 Stuart Roberts  Vic
1992 Mark Schoeman  SA
1991 Robert Fraser  SA
1990 David Koorey  NSW
1989 Robert Baker SA
1989 Ian Cook  SA
1988 Peter Katelaris NSW
1988 Bruce Forrest SA
1987 Christopher Liddle  NSW
1987 Michael Cox  Vic
1986 William Pullman  ACT
1986 Laurie Wood Vic
1985 Christopher Brook Vic
1984 Robert Elliott ACT
1983 Brian Jones Vic
1983 John Colman Vic
1982 Thomas Borody NSW
1981 Anthony Stern Vic
1979 Jin Yong Kang Singapore