GESA Representatives

GESA members regularly represent the Society at a number of events, projects, working groups and committees each year.


Organisation/ Event





ACSQHC Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standards (completed 2018) Ian Norton Ian Norton    
ACHS Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Clinical Indicators    William Tam William Tam Stephen Pianko
Animal Health Australia – Crohn's disease response spokesperson - ongoing     Paul Pavli Paul Pavli

Annual Surveillance Reports HBV and HCV Cascade Reference Group



Jacob George

Kate Muller

Australian Burden of Disease Study (Complete) Geoff McCaughan Geoff McCaughan    
Australian Consensus Framework (ACF) on Ethical Collaboration (complete)   Fiona Bailey Fiona Bailey  
AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases) – ongoing Alex Thompson Alex Thompson Nick Shackel Nick Shackel
ANZCA PS09 (Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists) Review     Paul Pavli Paul Pavli
APSDE The Asian Pacific Society for Digestive Endoscopy   Ian Norton Ian Norton Arthur Kaffes
APAGE (Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology) – ongoing Ben Devereaux Ben Devereaux Sneha John Sneha John
APSAL (Asian Pacific Association for the study of the Liver) – ongoing       Simone Strasser
APTC (Asian Pacific Topic Conference)   Barbara Leggett   Darren Pavey
Cancer Council Victoria, Review of Colorectal Cancer Optimal Care Pathways Project        Finlay Macrae
Cancer Council Victoria, Review of HCC Optimal Care Pathways Project        Stuart Roberts
Crohn's & Colitis Australia IBD GP Aware Project Advisory Commmittee      

Jane Andrews

Craig Haifer

Yoon An

Crohn's & Colitis Australia – ongoing Gregory Moore Gregory Moore Gregory Moore Gregory Moore
Eliminate Hepatitis (EC) Australia Partnership – Chief Investigator on Advisory Committee   Simone Strasser
Alex Thompson
Simone Strasser
Alex Thompson
IBD National Action Plan Round Table (complete)   Jane Andrews    
DOH MBS/PBS Claims / Provider Compliance Project (complete)   William Connell William Connell  
DOH Consultation on Transparency of Medical Costs (complete)   Lybus Hillman Lybus Hillman  
GBMA Education Biosimilar Education Stakeholder Group (complete)   Mark Ward    
Lifeblood Microbiome Clinical Advisory Board     Paramsothy Sudarshan Paramsothy Sudarshan
Liver Cancer Alliance     Geoff McCaughan  
National Pancreatic Cancer Roadmap       Ben Devereaux
NMTAN (National Medical Training Advisory Network) Representatives (complete)  

Nicholas Talley
William Tam
Simone Strasser
Jane Andrews
Sally Bell
Aidan Foy

NPS BDMARDS Expert Working Group       Jakob Begun
NSW Ministry of Health Elective Surgery Roundtable        Arthur Kaffes
NSW Model Scope of Clinical Practice – Paediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology (complete) Michael Stormon Michael Stormon    
Presidents of Hepatology Society of the Countries in Asia-Pacific region (1st Annual Meeting)     Alex Thompson
(Liver Faculty Chair)
RACP Representative Nicholas Talley Nicholas Talley Nicholas Talley Malcolm Arnold
RACP Adult Medicine Division (AMD) Council   Nicholas Talley Nicholas Talley Amany Zekry
RACP Advanced Training Committee – ongoing Nishmi Gunasingam
Jamshid (Jim) Kalantar
David Prince David Prince  
RACP Advanced Training Committee (Chair) – ongoing Jamshid (Jim) Kalantar Jamshid (Jim) Kalantar    
RACS – Upper GI Endo Categorisation Project (Vic) Rhys Vaughn Rhys Vaughn    
TGA – Medicines Shortages Action Working Group (complete)   Anastasia Volovets    
TGA FMT – Stakeholder forum   Jane Andrews    
WEO (World Endoscopy Organisation) – ongoing William Tam William Tam Arthur Kaffes Arthur Kaffes
WGO (World Gastroenterology Organisation) – ongoing Narci Teoh Narci Teoh Narci Teoh
Simone Strasser
Simone Strasser