Board, Faculties, Committees and SIGs

GESA CEO and Company Secretary (2014 - Present)

Fiona K Bailey


GESA Honour Boards

Committee Members and Projects (2016)

Former (2017–2019) and current (2019–2021) Board of Directors


GESA Board 2017–2019
Narci Teoh (President)
Jane Andrews (Chair Scientific Program Committee & FMT Working Group)
Alex Boussioutas (Co-Chair Research Committee)
William Connell (MSAC Liaison)
Susan Connor (Chair AIBDA)
Benedict Devereaux (Chair Finance, Audit & Risk Committee)
Anne Duggan (Honorary Secretary)
Paul Pavli (Co-Chair Research Committee)
Simone Strasser (Vice-President)
Nicholas Talley (RACP Liaison)
William Tam (Chair AGEA)
Alex Thompson (Chair ALA)
GESA Board 2019–2021
Simone Strasser (President)
Jane Andrews (Education)
Jakob Begun (Chair IBD Faculty)
William Connell (Advocacy and Government Relations)
Benedict Devereaux (President Elect)
Anne Duggan (Chair Finance, Audit & Risk Committee)
Jacob George (Chair Liver Faculty)
Arthur Kaffes (Chair Endoscopy Faculty)
Paul Pavli (Deputy Chair Research and Grants Committee)
Stephen Pianko (Advocacy and Government Relations)
William Tam (Advocacy and Government Relations)
Nina Tirnitz-Parker (Chair Research and Grants Committee)



Former (2017–2019) and Current (2019–2021) Faculties, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Networks

The GESA Faculties and SIGs provide a forum for those members of the society with a special interest in a particular area of gastroenterology to work with like-minded people in advancing and promoting high standards of training and practice.

They provide a bedrock of technical expertise and knowledge that underpins GESA's activities in developing educational material, contributing to public health policy and working to improve professional standards.


Inflammatory Bowel  Disease Faculty (formerly AIBDA) 2017–2019
Susan Connor (Chair)
Jakob Begun (Chair elect)
Sally Bell
Georgia Hume
Peter Lewindon
Edward Shelton
Mark Ward
Inflammatory Bowel  Disease Faculty (IBD Faculty) 2019–2021
Jakob Begun (Chair)
Robert Bryant
Britt Christensen
Sam Costello
Simon Ghaly
Peter Lewindon
Mark Ward


Endoscopy Faculty (formerly AGEA) Executive Committee 2017–2019
William Tam (Chair)
Arthur Kaffes (Chair-elect)
Eric Lee
Spiro Raftopoulos
Payal Saxena
Michael Swan
Rhys Vaughan
Endoscopy Faculty Executive Committee 2019–2021
Arthur Kaffes (Chair)
Matthew Remedios (Chair-elect)
John Argyrides
Bronte Holt
Sneha John
Vipul Aggarwal
Payal Saxena


Liver Faculty (formerly ALA) Executive Committee 2017–2019
Alex Thompson (Chair)
Miriam Levy
John Lubel
Kate Muller
Nicholas Shackel (Chair-elect)
Caroline Tallis
Nina Tirnitz-Parker
Martin Weltman
Liver Faculty Executive Committee 2019–2021
Jacob George (Chair)
Leon Adams
Golo Ahlenstiel
Miriam Levy
John Lubel
Avik Majumdar
Kate Muller


Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (FAR) 2017–2019 (est. 2018) –
Reports to Board
Benedict Devereaux (Chair)
Simone Strasser (Vice-President)
Ray Boyapati (GESA member)
Andrew Polson (Independent member)
Fiona Bailey (GESA CEO)
David Roche (GESA Business Director)
Finance, Audit & Risk Committee (FAR) 2019–2021 (est.2018) –
Reports to Board
Anne Duggan (Chair)
Benedict Devereaux (Vice-President)
Ray Boyapati (GESA Member)
Andrew Polson (Independent Member)
Simone Strasser (President)
Fiona Bailey (GESA CEO)
David Roche (GESA Business Director)


Research Committee 2017–2019 – Reports to Board
Alex Boussioutas (Co-Chair)
Paul Pavli (Co-Chair)
Minoti Apte (Cancer/Pancreas)
Edward Giles (IBD/Paediatrics)
Arthur Kaffes (AGEA/Endoscopy)
Suzanne Mahady (IBD/Epidemiology)
Nicholas Shackel (Liver Basic/Clinical)
Nathan Subramaniam (Basic Scientific representative)
William Tam (Therapeutic Endoscopy)
Nina Tirnitz-Parker (ALA/Translational)
Research & Grants Committee 2019–2021 – Reports to Board
Nina Tirnitz-Parker (Chair)
Paul Pavli (Deputy Chair)
Golo Ahlenstiel (Liver)
Minoti Apte (Pancreas)
John Argyides (Endoscopy)
Kim Bridle (Liver)
Britt Christensen (IBD)
Edward Giles (Paediatric Gastroenterology)
Simon Ghaly (IBD)
Bronte Holt (Endoscopy)
Vicky Whitehall (Colorectal Cancer)
Susan Woods (Gastric Cancer)


NETI Committee 2015–2017
Cameron Bell (Chair)
NETI Committee 2019–2021
Cameron Bell (Chair)



 AGW Scientific Program Committee 2017–2019
Jane Andrews (Chair)
Golo Ahlenstiel (2019) (Liver)
Georgia Hume (IBD)
Kate Muller (Liver)
Scott Nightingale (Paediatric Representative)
Payal Saxena (2/IC 2018), Eric Lee (2019) (Endoscopy)
Edward Shelton (IBD)
Nathan Subramaniam (Research Committee Representative)
Aimee Vatjauer (GENCA) (2018), Helen Jurgens (2019)
Fiona Bailey (GESA CEO)
Loretta York (GESA)
Fotini Bakas (GESA) (2019)
 AGW Scientific Program Committee 2019–2021
Greg Moore (Chair)
Vipul Aggarwal (Endoscopy)
Golo Ahlenstiel (Liver & Research and Grants Committee)
Jake Begun (IBD)
Kim Briddle (Liver)
Catherine Conway (GENCA)
Winita Hardikar (Paediatric Representative)
Marian O'Connor (GENCA)
David Prince (Young GESA)
Fiona Bailey (GESA CEO)
Loretta York (GESA)
Fotini Bakas (GESA)



Conjoint Committee (CCRTGE) – Reports to Board
Gregor Brown (Chair) (GESA RACP)
Sulman Ahmed (RACS)
Looi Ee (RACP - Paediatric)
Sam O'Connor (RACP - Rural Rep.)
Darren Pavey (GESA RACP)
Iain Skinner (RACS)
Melinda Van Oosterum (RACS - Rural Rep.)
Daniel Croagh (RACS)


Colonoscopy Recertification Committee – Reports to Board
Mark Schoeman (Chair)
Melissa Jennings
Peter Katelaris
Brian Kirkby
David Scott
Iain Skinner
Fiona Bailey GESA (CEO)
David Roche GESA
Jay Batterson GESA


Infection Control in Endoscopy Committee (ICEC) – Reports to Board
Benedict Devereaux (Chair)
Eugene Athan
Robyn Brown
Sue Greig
Dianne Jones
Andrew Taylor
Fiona Bailey GESA


Young GESA Network | Launched September 2018 – Reports to Board
Ray Boyapati (Co-Chair)
John Ding (Co-Chair)
Anil Asthana
Kirsty Campbell
Natalie Kiel
Avik Majumdar
David Prince (Advanced Trainee Representative)
Payal Saxena


Regional & Remote Network | Established Nov 2019 – Reports to Board
Kirsty Campbell
Anne Duggan


Private Practice Network | Established Nov 2019 – Reports to Board
Anil Asthana


Paediatric Network | Established Nov 2019 – Reports to Board
Edward Giles (Chair)


Bariatric Special Interest Group | Ratified June 2019 – Reports to Endoscopy Faculty
Saurabh Gupta (Chair)


Coeliac Disease Special Interest Group | Ratified November 2014 – Reports to IBD Faculty
Jason Tye-Din (Chair)


Endoscopic Ultrasound Special Interest Group | Ratified November 2014 – Reports to Endoscopy Faculty
Benedict Devereaux (Chair 2017)
Payal Saxena (Chair 2018)


Gastrointestinal Cancer Special Interest Group | Reports to Endoscopy Faculty
Gregor Brown
Finlay Macrae


Small Bowel Special Interest Group | Reports to Endoscopy Faculty
Robert Feller (Chair)


Neurogastroenterology Special Interest Group | Ratified November 2014 – Reports to Board
Geoff Hebbard (Chair)