Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award:

This award recognises people who have made a distinguished contribution to the activities of the Society over a number of years.

Financial members may nominate members of the Society who they believe have provided a distinguished service contribution. A submission of no more than a page can be made to the Board (attention Fiona Bailey, CEO GESA) via fbailey@gesa.org.au. Submissions should be received by the end of May each year.

The Service Award is presented at the GESA AGM during AGW.


Year Recipient
2019 Don Cameron, Stuart Roberts
2018 No award made
2017 Cameron Bell
2016 No award made
2015 Elaine Siggins
2014 No award made
2013 No award made
2012 No award made
2011 Darrell Crawford
2010 Katie Ellard
2009 Paul Desmond, Robert Padbury (Surgeon)
2008 Thomas Wilson (Surgeon)
2007 Katrina Watson
2006 Antony Speer
2005 Alistair Cowen
2004 Barbara Leggett


Prior to 2004 this award was known as the Distinguished Service Medal.

Past Recipients of the Distinguished Service Medal:


Year Recipient
2000 Roderick Kater
1999 Finlay Macrae
1997 Kerry Goulston
1995 Brian Billington
1990 Gabriel Nagy
1989 Douglas Piper
1988 Stanley Goulston
1983 Ian Wood