Chronic Hepatitis B

Information for patients and the general public

Hepatitis B is liver inflammation caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). Hepatitis B can be a short-term illness (acute hepatitis B) or a long-term infection (chronic hepatitis B). 


Available resources: 

  • B Healthy: 
    This comprehensive brochure (28 pages) provides a wealth of information around viral hepatitis B. It was reviewed by Dr Elizabeth Powell of the Gastroenterological Society of Australia and has been endorsed by GESA (January 2017). 
  • Treatment for Hepatitis B:
    This two page pamphlet can be used to explain check-ups, test results and facilitate discussion. 


My Guide to Chronic Hepatitis B     慢性乙(B)型肝炎指南     Hướng dẫn về bệnh viêm gan siêu vi B mãn tính     دليلي الخاص بمرض التهاب زمنُ المBالكبد الوبائي  
Treatment for Hepatitis B     乙型肝炎的治疗     乙型肝炎的治療     Điều trị viêm gan B